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. Zen .

It is a powerful word to me as it is a very personal state of mind which takes quite an effort to achieve, especially here in a bustling city in Hong Kong. It is kind of echoing the “less is more” statement – saying it is easy, executing it is another thing. When it comes to art and it’s form, it’s reaching an even higher level.

In the city center in Central, Serenity Above exhibition is showcasing one of my favourite Chinese contemporary ink artists Zheng Chongbin, and Japanese landscape architect Shunmyo Masuno.


Words cannot describe the impact of such a piece to oneself. It is not something that you know directly what it is, it is the closer look, or almost a gaze into the depth of the ink well. It is mesmerising.


Photos made the piece flat. But you can still see a bit of the details and richness between the black and white here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.16.26 pm

I call Zheng a performance artist as it is magical seeing him work the piece.

Another artist and landscape designer is from Japan, Shunmyo Masuno. He is also the Head Priest of Kenkohji Temple and Professor of Tama Art University.

His pieces here are stone sculptures around a spiritual thinking, and it is represented in a Chinese character for each piece, coming together as a thinking.






The sense of being and owning






Serenity Above

3-14 Sep 2014

G/F Cosco Tower, Grand Millennium Plaza, 183 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

11am – 7pm (Monday–Sunday)


Go and feel it yourself. It might enlighten a certain part of you and slow your brain cells down a bit.