: LUSH ART – Spring Workshop :

As Art Basel is coming soon later this month 15-17 March, there are lots of happenings in town, including this exhibition named “Days push…



Tell me which word would you choose for this mood? Gypsy, carefree, romantic? Sometimes it is the look that gives you a whole picture and an…


: LUSH Hotels – TENFACE Bangkok :

Yes, Thailand has that magic that kept me visiting twice a month! This time was Bangkok, and I have chosen a little cozy boutique…

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: LUSH Talks – Victoria Clarke :

With the tremendous interest on nature-inspired designs myself, I am happy to share that Phaidon is having a book launch event for “The Gardener’s Garden”…


: Lines & Dots Are All The Same :

I’ve been clearing my thoughts lately and decided to go simple. When I say simple, it might not be making everything look minimalist style….


: LUSH Hotels – Aleenta Phuket :

I’d like to move to Phuket…. and get super tanned. Aleenta Resort is not the newest one in the area but it’s very well kept, and their…