: LUSH ART – Organic Chinese Contemporary Art :

Right before the start of Art Basel this year, Pearl Lam Galleries opened its second gallery space in Hong Kong, at the up-and-coming area of Sai Wan SOHO 189. I personally like the idea of the space as it’s right next to all the traditional “hoi mei” Chinese stores, where the real locals hang, chill, and do business.


The gallery’s first exhibition is a solo one of unique beeswax sculptures by Beijing-based artist Ren Ri, curated by David Ho Yeung Chan. It is to me a truly works of nature interaction – he made it possible in collaboration with the insects, mesmerising sculptures that document his intimate experience with bees as both an artist and a beekeeper. He manipulates the movement of bees and the formation of honeycombs to create metaphysical and hybrid sculptures, which investigate the force of nature and consequences of human intervention. As I always say, nature is amazing, and it is never-endingly inspiring.

The exhibition will open to the public from 11 March – 12 April 2015.


Back at Pearl Lam Gallery in Pedder Building Central, a group exhibition named “Perfection by Chance— A Yi Pai Series” is in place with works by Qin Yufen, Su Xiaobai, Su Xinping, Tan Ping, Yang Zhilin, and Zhu Jinshi, curated by Professor Gao Minglu. Chinese abstract art has its very own uniqueness and rhythm, which to me is very organic.

Folded Moonlight by Zhu Jinshi

I guess you will understand what I mean with these close-up of the pieces.

Clarity by Su Xiaobai


Art is very personal – I am pretty much in line with what Pearl Lam Galleries represent. That flow, the organic formations, and the visual impact with a bit of subtleness. There are lots of Chinese contemporary artists today and I am actually excited to discover more at Art Basel tomorrow!