: LUSH TALKS – YDC Finalists Michelle Yeung & Fanyu Tsang :

P_Michelle, Yeung Lai Ching

With the Young Designers Contest at the Hong Kong Fashion Week coming on 20 Jan, I have met up with 2 of the finalists Michelle Yeung and Fanyu Tsang – who are students from the same uni and department as me – Institute of Textiles and Clothing (ITC) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU). It was a great chat as it brought me back to the “school” feeling which was like a dream to me.


: LUSH TALKS with Fanyu Tsang :

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What got you into fashion design?

I am actually a graduate from City University Social Work Bachelor Degree graduate and now I have just started at ITC Fashion Design Higher Diploma course for a few months. I have always been interested in fashion design but I didn’t wish to make it my career – it might change the nature of the fun within it. Due to the wish of my family members, I have completed a degree in Social Work but afterwards, I have finally decided to give design a try.

Now that you have started the Fashion Design course for a few months, how has it been so far?

It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Not as much excitement as I thought so far, but I am still undergoing a “testing” phrase, including this Young Designers’ Contest. It is fun to experience so much within these few months. I feel like I have gone through a lot more than what I had during the 4 years I spent at the Social Work bachelor course.


These are some of his previous works at school. I quite like the mono flies pattern with one fallen over – quite cute and whimsical!

I dream monet

Tell me about your YDC collection… how did you get your inspirations?

I personally love Japanese culture and style. At the beginning, I started from the idea of Wabi Sabi – the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. It’s simple, slow, and uncluttered-and it reveres authenticity above all. From that, I have diverted into Bushidō – the way of samurai life. It is a way to trust your instincts – reminiscing my very own feelings when I first decided to go into Fashion Design. I learnt to know myself more when I was in Social Work field, that was what I was taught.

C_Tsang Fan Yu

This is one of Fanyu’s final works for the YDC 2015 collection named “YON” which means “4′ in Japanese. He wanted to put himself as a samurai and do what he wanted to do 4 years ago – fashion design. It is the subtleness and the silhouettes that caught my eyes at the first place. I am very excited to see the actual piece with the fabric details.





And a bit of behind-the-scenes from his collection here.

Was your previous school years in Social Work helpful in Fashion Design today?

Yes, definitely. I got to know clearly what I really want to do in life and direction. But there have been some changes after I have started in design – I realised that when you do design, you have to get to know yourself even more. There has been a very intense “forwardness” within these few months that I have never experienced before. It has been a very rewarding self-discovery process.


: LUSH TALKS with Michelle Yeung :

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What brought you to fashion design?

I studied at The Jockey Club Ti-I College and loved Visual Arts. In 2009, I won the champion of International Footwear Competition (Asia) – the award brought me to Italy and Venice to go into a master course of  “Shoes & Accessories design Icon”. It was a wonderful experience as I get to learn from shoes designer of Prada, Emi. I have decided to pursue my dreams and direction in fashion design and thus continued my degree at ITC in HKPU.

12 拷貝

drawing1 拷貝

These are a few of her previous works. The one above is quite wearable and marketable I have to say. Delicate leather-works.

19 拷貝

What is the theme of your YDC 2015 collection?

The collection is called “Inside the Caves” – I have once travelled and went into a cave with a huge wall of natural crystals. Apart from that experience, I have once hiked with my family and discovered beautiful hidden lake in the concrete jungle – Hong Kong. They were utterly amazing so I want to present that power of nature to people. Never judge by the appearance. Look inside to find out more – you will always be surprised.

mi edit 4


For the crystal shaped pieces, how did you manage to create the look?

I used lots of small diamond shaped transparent beads to create the organic shapes and details. The 3D shape is a result of various experiments with the applications of those beads.



I already love the look of these bits and pieces! What do you think this is? A helmet?IMG_1383

Where do you see yourself in fashion design in the long term?

My interest lies on evening wear. I have discovered my love for heavy beads and appliqué. I will probably follow that direction with a little twist in the fabrics.

lace dress

P_Michelle, Yeung Lai Ching


It is very encouraging chatting with these new talents. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating being an entrepreneur in the fashion design field – with everything else but design that you have you deal with. Creativity shouldn’t be constrained but it would be a better balance with the “reality” condition. All the best with the YDC 2015 contestants! Can’t wait to see all the works on the 20th.