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I was previously invited to the Louis Vuitton “L’Aventure” pop-up store at Pacific Place. Hong Kong is the second destination of this pop-up store, right after Avenue Montaigne in Paris, and it may hop into another city after September.

The shop is aligned with the brand’s travel focus, showcasing some selected vintage trunks collected after usage of previous interesting customers – horse dealer, wine-lover, businessmen…etc, with various personalized compartments and details, from portable desk lamps to hammocks – all can be found there.


The shop is designed by Tyler Brule, editor-in-chief of Monocle. This mural wall is a great accent in the area, adding a modern pop touch to the heritage travel theme.

This wall of 26 alphabets are made especially for Asia, each representing an interesting city with a few suggested hot spots on the back page. Hong Kong is in one of them… do check out what they would recommend, I have to say the coffee shop they suggested is definitely one of my favorites!



Yes, you can see what I’ve done with the cards here… LUSHGAZINE!



These acrylic paints make me feel like heaven, and reminded me of my bag collection Oops! working with the bags dipping in paints. I had a chat with one of the two illustration artisan from Louis Vuitton Hong Kong, a very talented young man who majored in graphic design in his studies. He was painting freehand with the straightest line ever – and he mentioned it took him a while to practice. The acrylic paint is used for painting each personalized trunk, with a special coating which will take a few days to completely dry.



Coming to this is one of my favorite machines – leather embossing! Working in the bags industry opens up my eyes to machines and I learn to appreciate the details and skills workers have. I couldn’t resist playing around with it! photo

So firstly you choose maximum 3 alphabets and fix them into the metal frame like those on the left hung on the body of the machine. Then you choose the color of the foil you prefer, then you can emboss it on to the leather surface.



These are the final results of my little experiments. One tip: do a few runs of the same color so it will layer up and have a better resistance to wear and tear.

Walking towards the staircase at the end of the pop-up store, I found this chandelier very interesting. It is made from real dandelions with small led lights implemented inside them! Amazing piece of art.



Commissioned work “Fragile Future III” 2012 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, Studio Drift.


Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Pacific Place

Shop 405, Level 4, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

tel: +852 8100 1182


It is definitely a great experience in the store with an exciting discovery of all these hidden art pieces. If you have a LV wallet that you would like to have your initials embossed, do pop by the shop during weekends if you want to try it yourself – artisans will be there to assist.



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