: LUSH Outfit – Power Black :


I was in the UK for a wedding not long ago and I was told the weather had been great until I arrived. Not sure if they were being mean or what. But somehow, the sun decided to come out and celebrate the great day for the beautiful couple, at an amazing private school with a lovely barn and field.


This was even better than having a wedding at a church. It was relaxing, with harmonising music from a melodica and violin, while everyone was enjoying the lovely bubbly.


I know… this is gorgeous.


Not being able to resist the greeeeen field, I went for a little stroll…


I didn’t realise how much I miss some good healthy green fields and trees until that short trip. Back to basics is always the best after all… not a split second of extra thought, living the moment. As simple as that.


Cut-out dress by ASOS Petite

Heels by Jimmy Choo

Clutch by GLUSH/

Shades by Valley Eyewear

Choker by Dawn is Mine




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