: LUSH LAB ISSUE #3 – Hien Do Dang :

This issue’s LUSH LAB is featuring photography works by Hien Do Dang, a Vietnamese-French lovely lady who has just settled in Hong Kong. I met her randomly at a coffee shop and we starting chatting non-stop – that’s the click or you can say it’s the inner attraction that worked really well between us. Although she works in a law related IT firm, I have to say she’s got a special eye on details when she has her camera on hand.

This series of pictures were taken when she was living in Japan. I hope they can bring you warmth and a smile on the face on this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy it with your loved ones!

Click the image center to view full screen

LUSHGAZINE would be happy to support various artists to spread and share the love. Professional or not, all are welcome. If you are interested, please drop an email to pr@lushgazine.com with subject [I’d love to join LUSH LAB]. We will reply your email if you are chosen. It’s all about fun and inspirations!



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