: LUSH Design – Impressive Works at HK PolyU School of Design Annual Show 2014 :


Design takes research and thought processes. Good designs solve problems aesthetically while providing ease in consumer experience. Among the works of all graduating students this year at PolyU School of Design Annual Show, I found a few cool works across the various departments, from communication, advertising, to architecture, hitting the spot.


These “G”s on one of the SD posters must have sent me signals to get me back to my uni. Those 3 years passed like a dream… revisiting the ITC studio where I spent most of the nights in was quite something. Never thought design is still fun after graduating!


: Visual Communication :


Font types has always been one of my interests in branding communications. Traditional Chinese characters tabs into another level when compared with English – there are a lot more combinations and strokes as each of them is composed of a picture literally. It takes a rather in-depth research process to understand consumers’ perception of a brand quality and price level in relation to the font design on the packaging. It is quite intriguing to get to know your very own perceptions while filling in the designer Monn Mak‘s questionnaire.



Does this look like a local wet market in Hong Kong? It is actually a “grass root” version of Monopoly board game – a fun way to understand the brief way of life in a wet market, and what kinds of tools you need for your meat stall. Visually impactful and delicate, and totally suitable as a gift item for tourists (provided that English version is available).


This one is not about the fonts, it’s about the local Cantonese colloquials. It is quite common that most of us don’t know where these sayings come from – this booth might be useful for both locals and expats who are interested to learn the language (yes, pin-yin is included in these postcards with the meanings).


This is a much better Cantonese learning book than those in the market! Well done Frank Lo!


: Advertising Design :


Bottled milk delivery ad idea brings me back to childhood when I had 2 bottles of fresh milk delivered to the door (although I don’t live on the ground floor) every morning. Very nicely presented especially the visuals and the door-knob hanger direct mail promotion card.


Creator Yu Man Ting has shot three TVC ads for this project, check her website here to view.

Her use of the improved version of direct mailing promotion serves a good twist and visual attraction. I am excited to see how marketers engage in various options that don’t exist in the market yet. Advertising is all about engaging people, and I’m sure there are a lot more ways possible when the crowd is here in the pool.


: Architecture :


With the limited land available in the city, I personally believe in the extended use in underground spaces. This “District 19” project by Haze Chan adds an interesting idea of somewhat like a forbidden city with hidden gathering spots and illegal cinema/theatre room to the “dark side” under street level. I bet it might happen before 2027 as proposed in the project brief!



: Industrial & Product Design :


These lamps hanging above designed by Wong Yuk Ling are made in a very interesting material – rotten fruits. This is a typical problem solving design with great thoughts. We have a local fruit market in Yau Ma Tei called Gwo Lan where most fruits are traded every day. With such highly perishable products, the rotten fruits are treated, dried, and transformed into sheets of materials.


These sheets are in natural colors made from different kinds of fruits, with various opacity levels. I’m sure this is a very versatile material, which can be used in more products other than lamps.



The show and project topics led myself to rethink the local Cantonese and Hong Kong culture, with a refreshed mind. Definitely a good afternoon spent. Look forward to see more works from these talented designers in the market! If you haven’t yet seen the Zaha Hadid building in the uni, it’s a good chance to see them all in one go. Enjoy!

Exhibition Period: Now – 12 Jul 2014

Time: 11:30 – 19:30 (Mon – Sat)

Venue: Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Free Admission