: LUSH Art – Zhu Jinshi at Pearl Lam Galleries :



Thanks to Pearl Lam Galleries for the private dinner surrounded by the amazing contemporary painting works by Chinese Abstract Master Zhu Jinshi, at his “Reality of Paint” exhibition. Being one of the revolutionary Chinese artist, Zhu Jinshi began painting abstract works in the late 1970s, and participated in the Stars group exhibition, the first avant-garde art exhibition after Cultural Revolution.


His use of colors, free-flow brush strokes, and the thick oil on canvas technique is absolutely mind blowing. The painting is not 2D but 3D and each of them gives you a totally different interpretation.


The richness of the details and the effects of shadows are all different in each piece. You can take a closer look at the zoom-in shots below.


God Particle B

This red piece is totally captivating. The epitome of the power of red.


Tone on tone is not boring with all these textures.


The side shot of this piece gives you a different impression from the front – the flow is almost like the power of tsunami and movements in the ocean.


The overwhelming flows and colors are never boring to look at. You can totally imagine the piece will give you a completely different impression if it is placed in another space or matching with other decors.


The amazing floral arrangements on the dining table, with the beautiful piece at the back.



This piece is showing a varying brush strokes with a differing color combo from the other pieces. The story is that Zhu Jinshi received a piece of news that his friend in Germany had a stroke and therefore his sad emotion is expressed through this piece, with the Chinese word for “stroke” as shown here below.



Hard Roads in Shu 1

This is another famous piece that Zhu has created a different feeling by using a Chinese traditional painting technique of leaving some blank space on the canvas.



And we have sneaked in to the office space and saw this cute “East meets West” chair designed by Danful Yang at Pearl Lam Design. Incorporating the monogram materials from fake branded handbags and the traditional Chinese chair, it comes to this interesting 2-seater chair.


After dinner, we all had a little bit of fun with our GLUSH/ Grassy Clutch =)

Thanks Althea, International Director of Pearl Lam Galleries, for modelling!


Thanks to Michael from 2individuals for the support of GLUSH/! He’s carrying our Oops! Clutch in Black Checks and Gold Paint.

This exhibition is definitely worth a look. The visual impact is overwhelming and it has brighten up my day.

It is on from now until 13th July 2013 at Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong:

601-605, 6/f, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong