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Bruno Mars is having a gig here in Hong Kong in March and I’ve been hearing his grooves here and there. His music videos kept appearing on youtube and I have spotted a few interesting scenes – light and shadows.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 5.53.47 pm

*from “Gorilla” music video

They inspired me to dig into a few artists who work with these media, some are pretty eye-catching I have to say!



Bruce Munro is an installation artist from UK. He is especially known for lighting installations such as Field of Light, which was first exhibited at the V&A Museum in 2004. At the moment, it is exhibiting at St. Andrew Square Edinburgh until late April 2014.

9,500 lighted glass spheres will rise and light up after sunset, creating an immersive experience. You can wander through St Andrew Square along the existing pathways and experience the space in a totally new perspective. Does it look a bit like the Avatar magical garden? AH-MAI-ZING!





Anthony McCall with his mist sculpture “Column” 


“You and I, Horizontal III” (2007) 

To me, Anthony McCall is a light & shadow legend. The British artist is a pioneer of contemporary sculpture and was a leader in the Expended Cinema of the 1970s. He first ventured into the sphere of experimental films, and around the end of the 1960s he had  realised performances and ephemeral sculptures in space using elemental materials such as fire or water which lasted only as film documents, due to their time-based nature. After his withdrawal from the art world for over twenty years, he continued recently on his mind-blowing works and exhibitions.

It is a light project for Hamburg Deichtorhallen, which is now on till 22 Mar 2014. Three searchlights will project narrow strong beams of white light towards one another from three different locations — from the roof of the Spiegel building next to Deichtorhallen in the HafenCity, from the bunker in Wilhelmsburg, and from the Falckenberg Collection in Hamburg-Harburg, linking the Elbe island with both the north and the south banks of the river. Over the year, these three horizontal beams of light will progressively rotate their angles of direction so that, one by one, all sections of the city will become part of this symbolic leap.

Starting ninety minutes after sunset, Crossing the Elbe will be visible for 20-minutes every evening in most parts of the sky between Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Falckenburg Collection in Harburg.


Will it look somewhat like Hong Kong’s light show every night at 8pm? I guess the scale is different and there won’t be any cheesy music as background. Totally different purpose as well.



A more street-art style creator is London-based light artist Chris Bracey has been the Neon Man for 37 years creating iconic artpieces for David la chappelle, Martin Creed etc. His father was a neon sign-maker, predominantly for fairgrounds and amusement arcades, and Chris learnt how to manufacture and design the neon signs since young.  Inspired by the kitsch character of London’s Soho during the 1970s, he crafted lights for clubs, bars and restaurants before creating his own artworks.

A few of my favourites here:



Wouldn’t it be nice to see his works at Bruno Mars Hong Kong gig? I can totally imagine the “Gorilla” music video scene live.

Chris Bracey’s works are available at Selfridges & Co (Oxford Street London).



Back here in Hong Kong, we have renowned architect Frank Gehry‘s light sculptures “Fish Lamps“, now exhibiting at Gagosian Gallery.

The first Fish Lamps, which were fabricated between 1984 and 1986, employed wire armatures molded into fish shapes, onto which shards of ColorCore are individually glued, creating clear allusions to the morphic attributes of real fish. In 2012 he decided to revisit his earlier ideas, and began working on an entirely new group of hand crafted Fish Lamps. The use of ColorCore is bolder in these works, incorporating larger and more jagged elements.


 Gagosian Gallery

from now till 1 Mar 2014

7/F Pedder Building
12 Pedder Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2151 0555


Thanks to Bruno Mars for all the cool inspirations! Who’s in for the gig?