: LUSH ART – ART Basel & ART Central 2015 Lush Picks :


This year Art Basel and Art Central are the two main art events here in Hong Kong, each representing a very different scope of art. Art Basel seems more serious, and the more funky and “wow” pieces can be found at Art Central at the harbour front.



I went to the preview of Art Basel Hong Kong earlier yesterday, and frankly, it wasn’t as exciting as previous years. I bet the ‘creative” atmosphere at the fair has gone a bit subtle – which I personally like. There are a few interesting works I’d like to share here, basically it’s all about textures and technique.

This is a piece by Philippine artist Nilo Ilarde, titled “Faulty Landscape”. It is pretty straight forward – if you paint, you know exactly what these are. Dried acrylic paints carefully taken out from the tubes.

These are the pile of tubes removed…

And their caps as an installation on the walls.

Not bad eh?

These two above are illusional pieces by Mika Tajima – with interesting transparent effects.

You can’t miss this huge golden cage/container in the hall center – “Consume” by Chinese artist Gao Weigang. The luxurious looking container represents the materialistic consumptions of products shipped to us from all over the world – the majority of which are useless and meaningless, just like our thoughts and lives. Kind of a depressing focus but true… Don’t want to live in such a cage, do you?

This deer is one of my favourite piece at the fair.  It is an untitled piece by Korean artist Myeongbeom Kim.

For my love of black and white minimalist Chinese painting – this is the ultimate. Humungous and powerful, named “Beholding the Mountain with Awe No. 1″ by Xu Longsen. Yes, as the name suggested, it actually felt the same. I was in awe. I looked like a midget here!

Would you like a ride? You might turn into brass as well.

This all white illusional piece is by Alberto Biasi, made with PVC panels. It would be a zen wall wherever it’s placed.

Excuse me for this but this man is simply too friendly not to have a photo with him! He made everything we see here, including the shades on me.



Art Central is more “pop” and casual, quite an amusing show.

It’s kind of surreal to have this tab of paint on the wall in this scale. A piece by Donald Martiny, already sold.

I am ultra happy and excited to see works of one of my favourite artists of all times – Kate Mccgwire. Her signature feather art is purely amazing. I have no words to describe. You need to feel and see it yourself.

There are two hidden works by her inside the back office of the gallery Coates & Scarry. Ask to have a look inside if you can:

This is made with pigeon tail feathers inside a vintage box.

I really really hope to see her large scale works here in Hong Kong. #mywish

The floating island reminds me of the Russia Olympics opening ceremony. This stainless steel work is by Zheng Lu named “Impression of Hongren’s Landscape”. See the carvings of all the Chinese characters?

Jaw-dropping perspective illusion work by British artist Patrick Hughes. I felt dizzy looking at it and walking from left to right and back for millions of times – and never get bored. Mind you – don’t get too close as it sticks out!

Wood? or Paper? I know you want to play with it so much but you can’t. “Wood” by Chinese artist Li Hongbo.

Last but not least, who wants candies? Kids in Hong Kong grew up with Sugus candies. And the Art Central fair is like candies to me too!

Have fun and dig into both fairs – I’m sure you will get some interesting finds.